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What do you get ?

Hirsh Gallery - allocates you a virtual showroom
All you have to do is send us the files containing your artworks
They will be presented by us on the net
for the whole world to see
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How to Join Us...
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how to join Hirsh Gallery Exhibition
how to send pictures and files of artworks,
in order to be presented in the gallery

who are we

the virtual gallery of Hirsh family opened
in order to present artworks of our family members
and works of art lovers that would like to share with
other surfers their creative experiences

Hirsh Gallery conceives itself as a springboard and show window
.For art lovers and creators
Artists and creators are invited to present their artworks free of charge
with no obligation whatsoever

The gallery presents artworks in the following fields
.painting, photography, sculpture, digital art

The site has an index of artists worldwide
Links to museums and exhibitions on the net
And an index of Israeli art

Visitors are invited to add to the gallery's index
Links to their room in the gallery or their own sites
The index appears in all search engines, local and international

Hirsh Gallery will be happy to hear from you in all subjects
And wants to hear your comments and suggestions

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