Most famous art galleries in the world


Thousands of years we spent as a civilized society, centuries of artistic and cultural advance are something to awe from this point of time. We, humans, have a habit of jamming the famous artifacts and pieces of art in huge buildings, sometimes as marvellous as their content, and calling them museums and galleries. So, if you just came from Mars and knew nothing about the history of art and creation of the Earth, where would you go?

louvre-museum-parisLouvre – the world’s most famous museum and art gallery is located in Paris, France, in the heart of the cultural Europe. Every year it is visited by between 8 and 10 million art lovers and tourists, which is a population of a smaller country. Beautifully looking, famous glass pyramid from the outside, holding endless lines of visitors waiting to get in is only the shell of the riches that lay inside it. many of the most famous paintings are held here, one of them being the Mona Lisa.

” Just, be aware that Louvre is huge and complicated and you should probably take a map if you are visiting for the first time ” – Martha Tierney

BritishMuseum_2791674bBritish Museum – located in the heart of London, this place is visited by average of 6.5 million people every year, and not without a reason. There you can see the ancient sculptures done by the Greek masters, that cause awe even today; mummies and most famous Egyptian works of art pre-dating Christ by couple of millennia. You can find a lot of art relevant to different cultures around the world and this place is one of the best educational sites on the planet. There is something for everybody, young or old and if you are caught by the bad weather this might be the best place to go.

MetPhotoMetropolitan Museum of Art – you have to know this one, there is at least one film you’ve seen happening right here. The New York’s most visited museum gets seen by more than 6 million people every year, and if you know someone that has visited “The Met” – that’s what they meant by that. Going through the galleries of the Met you will get an experience like you are going through the pages of some art history book as some of the most prominent paintings are residing right here.

NG_collection_image_1National Gallery in London – another one for London, attracting more than 6 million visitors last year, this one is not a place you should miss. It is free to enter and roam endlessly through the halls and passages of this marvellous place. There is a lot of things to be seen as there are more than 2000 pieces of art displayed there and it takes you half an hour just to walk around it all without even looking. This place is fairly busy at all times so be prepared to meet some people there.